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If you look at maps of today's distribution of surnames Altvater and Altvatter you will find them distributed mainly over the western part of Germany. The name is not really rare and there are several frequency nodes. The highest concentration of these two names is in Baden-Württemberg. There are significant densifications in descending order even in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Since my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all come from the environment of the town of Isny im Allgäu, my research concentrates almost completely on the Upper Swabian area. Since the earliest Altvater in Isny has moved at the turn to the 20th century from the Kreis Biberach, there is also a personal research focus. Even in the neighboring densification areas of Altvater in the Swabian forest and in the area just before the confluence of the rivers Kocher and Jagst in the Neckar so far I found no related individuals.

But at least for the areas in Upper Swabia I have set my personal target to collect all the Altvaters and Altvatters, both spellings, finding out the relationships between them. For most of the currently 456 Altvater total in this database, I have succeeded. Unfortunately, a few of the very early 16th century Altvaters can not yet be connected and therefore are not included in the sum mentioned. In the period in question, there are still no church books available and other sources must be consulted. The first previously known written mention of an Altvater can be found for example in the Biberacher Bürgerbuch in 1506.

For not appearing too self-centered this collection of information does include at least the marriages of my female relatives. This means a different surname for any existing children. Especially in the recent past, this family research is broadening into many branches. Thus, a thorough look at this collection can be worthwhile even for newcomers to this topic. See also the FAQ-Section and related blog articles.

In addition, there is more information about interesting family connections in Upper Swabia and in the Catholic enclaves in the old Württemberg duchy. If you have questions you can send me a message. Please use the link in the footer of each page. And please note that I speak Swabian, but I also read and write in English and German.

Joseph Altvatter + Anna Maria Zahner
Marriage September 20, 1710Ochsenhausen, Kreis Biberach

Woher kam Anna Maria Zahner, verwitwet in St. Gallen? Heirat mit Joseph Altvatter, geb. 1684 in Rottum, am 20. September 1710. Dieses Ehepaar erscheint in Werner Hackers "Auswanderungen aus Oberschwaben im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert" mit folgenden Informationen: Altvatter, Joseph, Rottum, mit Frau Anna Maria Zauner, nach Ungarn wollend, fordert vom Bruder Jakob A. sein Erbgeld; abgewiesen, da es erst Lichtmeß fällig. Scheint als Kläger noch 2. Sept hier zu sein. - (1712 05 30) 09 02. Die Zahlen scheinen ein Datum zu sein. In Klammern der 30. Mai 1712 und außerhalb der 2. September. Die Schreibweise Zahner erscheint im Heiratsregister für das Jahr 1710 in Ochsenhausen. Die Schreibweise Zauner ist möglicherweise ein Lesefehler. Ob das Paar tatsächlich nach Ungarn ausgewandert ist lässt sich leider nicht erkennen. In das Komitat Sathmar eher nicht, da sie nicht im Werk von Istvan Vonhaz "Die deutsche Ansiedlung im Komitat Sathmar" erscheinen.
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Descendants of Janos Altfatter und Magda Erni in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.

Descendants of Josephus Altfatter and Magdalena Kraus in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.

Descendants of Cosma Baumann und Maria Altfater in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.

Descendants of Jacobus Baumann und Elisabetha Altfater in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.

Descendants of Georgius Reich and Rosalia Altfatter in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.

Descendants of Jacobus Reich und Catharina Altfater in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.

Descendants of János Solomajer und Erszebet Altfatter in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.

Descendants of Vincentius Ul und Magdalena Altfater in Vallaj, Sathmar County, Hungary.